Marketing Trends in Today’s Emerging World By Yasir Shah, Faiza Shah, Fadia Shah, Pages 55-60

Marketing Trends in Today’s Emerging World


1Central University of Finance and Accounts, Beijing, China,

2Capital University of Science and Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan

3University of Science and Technology, Chengdu, China



As the Trends of trading changes, day by day, the modes and working of the marketing also changes frequently. These daily changing trends have an enormous impact on the economy of a country. The financial impact also changes to specialized and formalized methods of working. The modes of financing as compared to past years also changes as time go on. Due to changing systems of dealing, the minds, as well as demand and supply mode, also changes while dealing with products and supplies. The way of businesses also changed from simply barter exchange to the enhanced mechanism of the business world spread out throughout the world. These marketing trends have created a system of networks which provides the source of growth opportunities for the well-being of societies. The stronger the network, the strength the system will gains. The network system becomes the base of the functioning of the company. No person or company works in the alone system. This paper identifies the power of network system to boost and enhance business schemes to generate maximum profit share.

In comparison to a mobile network, all the electronic devices are linked to the network. The power of network strengthens to target the specific users by the way of advertising to enhance their system. However, the network has the power by which wide area system has been achieved. Regarding the human interacted network is concerned; their huge working by the way of humans to strengthens the network. The human is the best source of building a strong network. The network industry is boosting on daily basis by the interaction and coordination of the highly motivated and encouraged team members. The network industry is one the growing industry as also the network industry is becoming the second largest retail growing industry nowadays.


Network marketing is used in the latest era as the world is growing in population. A human being is increasing in number daily, as in network industry every person counts and has value in this industry. World population is growing off the chart as per the Google records. Population growth is a problem for many businesses but however, in network marketing, it’s a plus point to utilize the skills and efficiency of every single person. The job was once considered as a security for the people to work and stabilize their livings. As nowadays the reduction in job opportunities there exists no such security. Jobs are risky options nowadays. Network marketing is the easiest and simple system to provide a secure and everlasting system to enhance stability and security as a career opportunity.

The world’s total of 90% people is living the life of an employee. Their mindset is stuck to earn a fixed amount which is even low. Not only these people suffer but their families will also suffer. Their families suffer at their costs and this process continuous. These people work under one boss and even when they switch their job still they work under another boss. The boss earns day by day and provides a nominal income to his workers. The job doesn’t fulfill all your life goals and any time of your life. Even if the salary increases twice still the employee is not fulfilled with luxuries of life. The rise in income is approximately 2% which is very nominal to fulfill their life. If in any case, these persons don’t work due to illness or any reason, the money also stops and ultimately these people have to bear these problems at their costs. While working in a business it’s very easy to get twice as many persons as customers in the current year as compared to the last year. Therefore it increases your income as the business expands. The active and smart members of the system start their own business to expand their earnings. Network marketing is the invention of marketing goods or services in the proper utilized method. There’s no need to advertise any product or to distribute through advertising strategies.


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